Case Study 1

CATEGORY: Dental Bonding

This young man was not happy with his smile. The two front teeth kept forming a space even after orthodontics. The teeth did not appear straight enough and the eye teeth (cuspids) were too pointed.

He came in to have veneers done to correct the problem. Although veneers would solve the problem, they can be expensive and sometimes need to have tooth structure reduced.

We suggested an economical alternative that only cost $2000 and was completed that same day in 2 hours!!!


Procedure - Case Study 1

In addition to shortening, we reshaped the edges of the front 4 teeth to give the illusion that they are straighter. NO anesthetic, (shots) were used for the entire process!

Goldstein Dental Center is focused on patient comfort, so he was using Martini dentistry and watching our overhead TV’s during the smile makeover!


Ready to love your smile when you look in the mirror? Learn more about our porcelain veneer treatment and our other conservative teeth saving cosmetic procedures!

No appointment is needed to see how your smile will look!

Complimentary digital smile makeover before you make the commitment.

Smile 1
Smile 2
Smile 3



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