Dental Implant Pricing and Questions

Published on 12/10/2022 by Dr Cary Goldstein

There are over 50 companies making dental implants. Each of these companies employees strenuous machining techniques to make a quality product. But, the defining factor is the technique used in the placement and restoration of them. The doctor you choose to place your implant is an important factor. How should you choose this person? Usually your dentist will suggest the surgeon, this is quite helpful because your dentist knows the success rate of the doctor and the way their office will handle your treatment. But, what if you do not have a dentist? We would suggest finding the restorative dentist first, by using a few methods. First try the dental school in your state and ask in the restorative department who they recommend. Check the local google search for the dentists with the most good reviews. Then, ask around to see which dentists have the best reputation in your area. You should start to begin having some overlap of names and then you can go in for an exam or cleaning and see for yourself if the office is a good fit for you. Please do not simply choose the lowest or the highest priced dentist, do your research.

What does an implant cost?

Now that you know the dentist is the key factor here, the fees will range from about $1200 to $2700. Dentists may price their work in many ways, so be sure to get the full cost from your dentist. Sometimes, bone or gum grafting is an added procedure that is needed and this will add to the price.

Don’t forget, that once the implant is placed you be recommended to have an immediate temporary tooth to help guide the gum healing and prevent you from having large spaces on the sides of your new teeth. This is often a needed procedure and well worth the investment so food does not constantly collect around the implant. Finally, the permanent tooth will need to be fabricated. Your dentist has many options for this as well. There are inexpensive labs that use aftermarket machined pieces to be used with the original manufacturers implant. It is usually best to remain dedicated to the implant manufacturers parts and pieces, These are machined to tight tolerances and will often work the best. The pricing for the crown, new tooth, can range depending on the artist making the tooth. Averages might range from $1200 to $3500. If your dentist is making a back tooth, the color is not too important, so any lab can make it. If it is your front tooth, a real artistic team is needed to make it blend in with your smile.

How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

We believe that these tooth replacements should continue to last for decades. Naturally, you have to care for them just like natural teeth and clean them twice a day. Since these are tooth replacements, the tiny screw holding the tooth can get loose. If you ever feel any movement in your implant please see one of our dentists immediately so we can secure it quickly.

New research has shown dentists that our jaws continue to grow as we age and our teeth move. The problem is that the implant tooth does not move, and we are sometimes finding that a previously perfect implant may need some help so that you do not pack food between the adjacent teeth. Fortunately, we are adept at this and can correct almost any situation easily.
If you experience a break on the outside of one of your implant teeth, our cosmetic dentists will evaluate and correct it quickly for you.

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