What are Dental Implants?

Published on 12/10/2022 by Dr Cary Goldstein

Dental implants are now the state of the art when replacing missing teeth.

Small titanium ‘screws’ are used when you have to replace a missing tooth. These are inserted into the bone of your jaw just like a screw is placed into a wall. The difference with these implant screws is that your bone begins to adhere to them after an 8 week healing period. The screw becomes even stronger as this healing occurs. Now a tooth is made and connected to the implant. These new teeth are as strong as your natural teeth, in fact, in some instances they are even stronger.

The older techniques were either making a removable partial denture, the device your grandparents may have used with the silver hooks that helped it to stay in place, or a bridge. A fixed bridge involves cutting down the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth and then making a three tooth replacement.

Dental Implants should look and feel like your natural teeth. They should be easy to clean, and in most instances last for numbers of years. Implants are tooth replacements, never as functional and natural as your original teeth, so protect what you have.

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