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Please browse through our listings of Publications and Articles. Listed here are a number of publications, books, articles, papers, and chapters written by Dr. Cary Goldstein.
Most recently Dr. Goldstein has published a research article along with his student, Geetika Chirumamilla, BDS., covering a hybrid ceramic product used for quickly making crowns and caps: “A 2-year Retrospective Clinical Study of Enamic Crowns Performed in a Private Practice Setting”

The textbook articles that Dr. Goldstein has contributed to:


Title Publisher/Journal Date
Is Your Case Really Finished? Journal of Clinical Orthodontics Nov 1988
Predicting Tissue Response Dentistry Today Oct 1989
Bleaching Vital Teeth – State of the Art Quintessence International Oct 1989
Treating Discolored Laminate Veneers Journal of Dental (Japanese)
Vol. 18, No 1
Jan 1990
Immediate Conservative Correction of Goldstein Esthetic Problems Dental Outlook (Japanese)
R. Goldstein,
Mar 1990
Computer Imaging: An Aid To Treatment Planning California Dental Association Journal Co-authored
R. Goldstein, D. Garber
Mar 1991
Patient Maintenance Of Restorations Journal of the American Dental Association
Co-authored R. Goldstein,
D. Garber, C. Schwartz
Jan 1992
Is Your Case Really Finished? Chapter in William Bell’s Text on Oral Surgery Oct 1992
The Importance of Aesthetics In Young People Dentistry Today
Co-authored Fausto Catena
Sep 1994
Esthetic Update: The Changing Esthetic Dental Practice Journal of the American Dental Association
Co-authored R. Goldstein,
D. Garber, C. Schwartz,
M. Salama, A. Gribble
Nov 1994
Bleaching BISCO Journal 1997
Pursuit Of Excellence in Anterior Esthetic Dentistry Contemporary Esthetics Restorative Practice 1997
Microfilled Restorations: An Update 3M Dental Supplement 1998
Home Bleaching Techniques Dental Equipment and Supplies 1998


Title Publisher/Journal Date
Academy of General Dentistry Hi Tech Trends 1993
Miami Midwinter Dental Esthetic Updates 2000 1997


Title Publisher/Journal Date
Dental Management “Computer Imaging In Dentistry” by Sandra Erlanger, pp. 34-37 Jul 1991
ADA Video Series Esthetics 1991
WTLK-TV 14 Marietta Talk of the Town Aug 1992-1993
Cable Atlanta Atlanta’s Dating Game 1993
WSBTV Aromatherapy in Dentistry 1995
WGNX 3 Dental Shows 1995
CNN “T.V. Vital Signs” Dec 1996
Kulzer NTI PR Videos 1999
Add a Sooth Soundtrack 2007
Your Health 2008 Profile 2008
New Techniques Dr. Goldstein’s Dental Instrument Designs
Crown Design Dr. Goldstein’s Crown Design Preparation
Perfect 9 The Goldstein Center-Extreme Makeover
4 Star Sample Dr. Goldstein’s Dental Advice Column
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