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“I’ve been interested in dentistry since I was about 10,” says Dr. Cary Goldstein. A third generation dentist, Dr. Goldstein was introduced to the art of dentistry at a young age. His father, Dr. Ronald Goldstein, is widely considered to be the father of modern cosmetic dentistry. It is no exaggeration, then, when this Atlanta dentist says, “It’s been in my genes since I was a kid.”



You may have read somewhere that lemon water can help with digestion or that drinking that energy drink will help you get through the day. But did you consider how these drinks affect your teeth? Let us start with the basics to understand how our liquid refreshments impact our teeth.


Many Of Us Have Purchased Battery Operated

Many of us have purchased battery operated toothbrushes. In fact, you may have saved the different brands or models that were advertised as outdated and they could be in that stuffed cabinet under your sink! Break em out, give them new life!


The Fear of Changing your Smile

Changing the appearance of one’s smile can be a scary undertaking for a new patient. Patients often have many concerns before deciding to change their smiles, for example: “Are the changes to my smile going to compliment my facial features? Is it expensive to change my smile? Does the dentist need to drill my teeth down to be able to change my smile?” The Goldstein Dental Center aims to address each of a patient’s concerns during pre-procedure consultations.


Drillist Tips, Techniques and Straight Talk For Dentists

f you’re like me, you have a hard time getting through all of the journals, newsletters, newspapers, and internet information each month. We are here to help. Our team has been reading, cultivating and condensing much of this information just for you. We’ve wrapped it up into small information bytes that you may read quickly; in fact, each story should only take around 60 seconds. That’s our goal. Quick, concise, information you can use. So, please reach out to us at and give us your feedback. We promise to read that too. The Drillist will be sent directly to your email inbox.


We See Kids

One of the unique features of the Goldstein Dental Center is that a parent and two kids can all be seen at the same time for their cleaning appointments. We are one of the few offices in the city with three experienced hygienists and the ability to treat fillings usually at the same time. Our team will help your family learn the proper methods for quick at home brushing and flossing. We stock the power tooth brushes as well. We love to help families conserve their time, since we know how valuable time is.


Home Care

That fluoride in your store-bought toothpaste is really helping you. Every time you brush
your teeth they are washed with this cavity fighter! If you have not viewed a recent
video of how to properly brush those pearly whites, watch this: https://youtube/
4ilGhqi57es. So, brush twice daily, morning and before bed, but most importantly, DO
NOT RINSE. Just brush and then spit out the excess and Do Not Rinse. The fluoride
in your toothpaste can keep working for a minute or so longer, bathing your teeth in this
unique cavity fighter. The result, longer lasting fresh breath, stronger teeth and less



Flossing is probably more important than brushing! That’s an extremely bold statement,
but doing the “f” word once daily will save your teeth. You see, the bacteria and food
particles that collect between the teeth are not effectively removed with a toothbrush
(unless you use a RotoDent). This nasty, smelly grime continues to get thicker and
harder until you floss or see your dentist for a professional hygiene visit.


Grinding Teeth

The stress of living in our society today has wreaked havoc on the teeth of America. What does this mean? Take a look at your teeth and the ones surrounding you. If the two front teeth are not longer than the two side teeth, then most likely you may have a night grinding and clenching problem going on.

Research has shown us that almost all of us gnash and grit our teeth during sleep, its natural, like rapid eye movement. This uncontrolled rubbing is wearing down the teeth, causing people to look older than they
actually are, and in many instances altering the jaw joint and causing pain. Your best alternative to diminish or stop this from happening is to sleep in a custom-made plastic grinding appliance from your dentist. You will still grind, but instead of wearing down your beautiful teeth, you will wear down the plastic, thereby saving your enamel and possibly eliminating any headaches, and muscle pain. See your dentist to be sure
what’s right for you.




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